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Friday, 16 June 2017

Choses Your Career in Paramedical

Plan your career in Paramedical with us, we help you to shape your career as per your dreams. We believe in giving colors to your future and make it bright. Contact us for any query about Paramedical Courses and Admission.

Medical Laboratory

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Monday, 5 June 2017

Para Medical Training Course at OSPMI

The First Para Medical Institution acknowledge OSPMI. All of us need to know Para medical technical education So provides favorable environment in which students can develop their physical & mental personality. This Institute acquire more glory & fame in nearby future by maintaining its quality, punctuality & high grade of discipline. This Para Medical Institute may best choice of medical students.

Medical Training at Ospmi

We are pleased to offering you admission in paramedical courses (D. Pharma), DMLT, Dialysis, O.T., X-Ray, BMLT, Cathlab, DPT, Optometry, Panchkarma, Yoga, Dental, BMLT, B.Sc. MLT, BPT, B.Sc.OT, M.Sc. ( All Subject. Due to some vacant seats). The First Para Medical Institution Acknowledge for Medical Training 

Courses at Ospmi

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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Paramedics & Paramedical

Medical Health Care is growing very fast, so is the requirement of Paramedics & Paramedical Staff. Paramedics are considered to be the backbone of the Medical Health Care System and paramedic is a Professional who assists the Doctors in specialized areas and services for better diagnosis, treatment and therapy. Paramedical helps and assist the medical doctor for diagnosing, reporting, keeping report, assisting procedures etc.

Paramedics & Paramedical

Paramedics are technicians and supporting staff with a complete knowledge of their field and they have important role in ourhealthcare. Laboratory, Radiology, Opthalmology, Anaesthesiology , Dialysis, X-Ray, Physiotherapy, Cath Lab Panchkarma , Yoga all these are main branches of paramedics.

Paramedics & Paramedical

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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Optometry and Ophthalmic Course at Om Sai Para Medical Institute

How about we begin with optometrists?

Optometrist is the independent primary health care provider who specializes in eye care and visual health. An Optometrist is medical professionals, but not physicians. They focus on regular vision care and prescribe eyeglasses and contacts. Optometrist examines the internal and external structure of the eyes.
An ophthalmologist is a physician (Medical Doctor) who specializes in the surgical and medical care of the eye & vision system. Ophthalmologists offer complete eye care services. These include: Vision services, Medical eye care, Surgical eye care, Diagnosis and treatment of eye, Plastic surgery.
Optician is also a very important part of the eye care team, but it is not an eye doctor. An optician uses a prescription that is written by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. Optician is a technician who is trained to design, verify fit eyeglass lenses and frames, contact lenses, and other devices to correct eyesight.
The career opportunities in all these fields are wide & huge in demand both in India and abroad.
Optometrists can work as post-secondary teachers, occupational/industrial safety programs, consultants in the eye care industry or do research in optometry colleges. Optometrists can also set up their own private clinics & work independently. They can also choose a career in sports vision, public health and government service or community health centers.

Bachelor of Optometry and Ophthalmic Technology

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Para Medical have the responsibility of making transition in the situation that the patient is under, presently. Bachelor of Optometry and Ophthalmic Technology (BOOT) is also a programmed under the category of paramedical course, which has got a hype attached to it. Para Medical Science, thus, has been gaining a lot of importance by the day. The key players in health care sector, Paramedics, are believed to be the support system, without which the industry can’t carry out their work properly or would become almost non-functionary. The reason for such high spring of Paramedical Colleges and Institute is because of the increasing life-threatening troubles that are face by the people nowadays. This has resulted into various high-profile career options being available in this sector. One must take into consideration the repute of the college that they are getting enrollment into. Not only Diploma's and Bachelor's, but one can get their Master’s completed in order to get a good start in the profession.

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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Master of Radiation Technology

It is a Master Degree Course (M.Sc.) of Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT), contains the entire laboratory practices of the medical system. Candidate must have cleared BRT/BMLT or any equivalent qualifications.

Course Duration - Two Years Course.

 Master of Radiation Technology

  • The “Medical field” is one of the best, reputed and respected professional fields in India and abroad.
  • Medical courses are in demand and fast growing. It is a hard working field but a reputed one also. The patients are being cured for 24×7.
  • The career is divided at the level of your education in the medical field. Whether you have a diploma or bachelor degree or master degree, you are in a race of a good career.
  • After the completion of medical course you can choose the right organization or industry or hospital.
  • There are so many industries, organizations, pharmaceutics, hospital, research laboratories and related industries in India and abroad.
  • Since this is a certificate course, it won’t guarantee you supervisor level jobs. After completion of the course, one may land entry level technician’s post at diagnostic labs, radiography centres and hospitals or clinics having medical imaging labs within them.
  • X-Ray technician’s tasks include operating the X-Ray machine, guiding the patients (posture and procedures) and following the instructions of the lab supervisor or manager.
  • In short, technicians may work at hospitals (Government or private), clinics and medical imaging labs.

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Friday, 26 May 2017

Master of Physiotherapy

Master of Physiotherapy (M.P.T)
  • Minimum Qualification for Admission Candidate must have passed BPT/BOT or any equivalent qualifications.
  • Age : No age Restriction
  • MPT stands for Master of Physiotherapy. It is a 2 years long Post graduate degree course. The field of physiotherapy is also known by the name of physical therapy.

Master of Physiotherapy
Master of Physiotherapy

To know more about this course kindly click here: Master of Physiotherapy

  • Physiotherapy is a part of rehabilitative medicine. It focuses on the use of physical therapy, massages, physical movements and exercise to improve and cure injuries, deformities and diseases. Along with rehabilitation, some other important sections of physiotherapy are- diagnosis, examination and assessment of the condition.
  • Unlike the traditional branches of medicine, physiotherapy doesn't rely extensively on the use of drugs and medicine. Instead, it relies on the use of physical treatment to improve the situation.

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Master of Medical Lab Technology

It is a Master degree of medical laboratory technology, contains the entire laboratory practices of the medical system. Candidate must have cleared the BMLT/BPT or any equivalent qualifications. After diploma 2 years degree course.


“Medical lab technology is the science that is involved in the chemical, microscopic, immunologic, hematological, bacteriological diagnostic analysis of human fluids like urine, blood, stool, sputum, peritoneal fluid, cerebro-spinal fluid, synovial fluid, pericardial fluid and other specimen”.

Master of Medical Lab Technology
Master of Medical Lab Technology

To know more about this course kindly click here: Master of Medical Lab Technology

Jobs & Career

For this profile you should have a keen eye and be self-motivated, self-sufficient and accurate. A medical laboratory technologist does not interact with the patient directly. The qualities which require for this profile are research ability, speed and accuracy, analytical judgment, under pressure working and mechanical and operating knowledge of instruments and computers.
The opportunities for job in this field are much better than the others. You may find the job in hospitals, research lab, private laboratories or the pharmaceutical companies.
This is an emerging discipline in the medical field and being in the medical field, the requirement of experts and professionals is going to increase with a significant rate. The few top job profiles in this field are as the following:
Medical technician
Medical technologist
Laboratory in charge
QC Manager
QA Manager
Lab Consultant
Lab supervisor
Health care Administrator
Hospital Outreach coordination
Laboratory information system Analyst
Educational consultant
Health and safety officer

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